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Automatic Pancake Machine


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What’s included?

  • 1x automatic high quality commercial grade pancake machine
  • 1x bag of pancake mixture will make 250 small 5cms or 40 medium 10cms or 25 10cm pancakes
  • 4x 250 ml bottles of maple syrup

Contact us for delivery & availability.

You also have the option to buy extra bags of pancake mix.


Operator (Optional)

Do you require one of our professionally trained staff to operate the machines for your event to ensure it goes smooth? Great for larger events or if you simply don’t want to worry, our fully trained staff will set up and operate the machine throughout your event & take away the machine and clean it so it’s completely worry free for you. Only $50 per hour, minimum of 3 hours.


Want something different at your next party or event? Our fully automatic pancake machine is very easy to use. Take the mess and time out of making pancakes with our fully automatic pancake machine hire with no cleaning needed simple push the OK button or enter the number of pancakes you want and the machine will do the rest making a pancake every 15-20 seconds with a capacity of 150 pancakes per hour it produces perfect pancakes every time. This machine is the size of a standard microwave and takes up very little room. It will plug into a standard power point.

No more measuring ingredients, having flour spread all over the kitchen and spending hours making and cooking pancakes. We set the machine to cook the perfect pancake for you. You can choose 3 different size pancakes and even if you want them cooked lighter or darker.

We program the machine during setup, all you need to do is press a button and 15-30 seconds later the perfect pancake is delivered to your plate.

As a guide we recommend catering for 1-2 serves per guest (2+ per guest if this is the only dessert option supplied).

The machine is capable of cooking 3 different sizes pancakes.

The small pancakes (5cm) are a perfect snack for the younger kids or make a Bellini style pancake ready to top and make the perfect hors d’oeuvres.

The medium pancake (10cm) is the perfect size to serve your guests. Put out a choice of toppings and watch them build a masterpiece.

With the option of 3 pancake sizes a large 15cm, medium 10cm or small 5cm (blini-style pancakes) along with the options of customizing the colour light, medium, dark and stack size of your pancakes you will be able to make a pancakes to suit your needs, tastes and appetite.

If you want something larger then the large pancake (15cm) is the go. Simply place your cooked pancake in, add your favourite fillings and fold over and lightly sprinkle with icing sugar if desired. You can’t get much better than that.

The pancake machine is perfect for anywhere you serve breakfast or dessert. It is also ideal for fundraising opportunities, schools, boarding facilities, aged care facilities, hotels, cafe’s, food or coffee vans etc. Pancakes are always a crowd favourite. They are also 97% fat free and a great alternative to other deep fried foods.